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OECD: Transparency Guidelines

Report into the scope for modernising and improving both the practice of transparency by OECD member states as well the benchmarking of that practice by the OECD.

Introduction of new metrics for transparency by OECD

Aging Society & Economic Future

A large scale public dialogue on the large future impact of the financial crisis and ageing society on Jersey. Engaging 5-10% of Jersey Population.

Created new political space on issues of: Immigration - Tax changes - New Developments

World Wide Views on Climate Change

Strategic advise to Danish Board of Technology working on behalf of UNDP on design of public participation in Copenhagen Climate Conference.

New integrated 360 degree model of international participation developed

Choicely: participatory voting application

Designing and developing an app for use in participatory selection of options or projects to fund, as part of the Your Local Budget PB programme

Providing a practical, free and easy tool which fills a gap in public participation software

Social Networking for Social Change

Supporting local authorities in London deliver efficiency savings and citizen empowerment goals through effective use of social networking.

Emerging findings are identifying huge scope for cost savings and improvements in democratic infrastructure

Armchair Involvement

Production of online guidance of the digital techniques to involve patients and the public in their health care.

Supporting better health service outcomes through better understanding of user needs

Santander - employee engagement workshops

Employee engagement workshop model to explore the potential of increased staff responsibility to drive internal innovation and job satisfaction

Staff awareness building and upskilling on how to unleash the potential of those around them

Middlesex Uni - employee engagement, training

Ongoing programme, working specifically with the Union to combine process design for strategic development, and empowerment methods to transform effectiveness and culture

Year long programme to embed external and internal new ways of working

Kent County Council - training & org support

Supporting an organisation wide movement towards coaching and empowerment based management techniques through the provision of targeted workshops to a range of directorates

Cultural change through embedding an empowerment based management style

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