Communications technology is the perennial facilitator of greater collaboration between people. From the alphabet, to roads, to the printing press and the telephone. The internet is just the most recent development in an ongoing journey. People who have more effectively collaborated have always more effectively thrived, but there are winners and losers. It’s our job to tip the balance in favour of the former.


Our approach to online service delivery includes:

  • Being technology agnostic – supporting organisations with a range of platforms
  • Using open source, where possible
  • Building capacity
  • Focusing on the cultural requirements for effective technology take-up.

Our core Technology Services include:

Technology Projects

Choicely: participatory voting application

Designing and developing an app for use in participatory selection of options or projects to fund, as part of the Your Local Budget PB programme

Providing a practical, free and easy tool which fills a gap in public participation software

Social Networking for Social Change

Supporting local authorities in London deliver efficiency savings and citizen empowerment goals through effective use of social networking.

Emerging findings are identifying huge scope for cost savings and improvements in democratic infrastructure

Armchair Involvement

Production of online guidance of the digital techniques to involve patients and the public in their health care.

Supporting better health service outcomes through better understanding of user needs