Nick is an entrepreneur, trainer and coach. His interest and focus is on what it takes to make individuals, teams and organisations effective and fulfilled.

I started out my career, as many of us did, naïvely dreaming of ‘saving the world’. Working as a consultant and for a development charity, I quickly realised that every social and environmental issue is really, at its heart, a people issue.

In 2000 I co-founded the youth empowerment charity, Envision. Over the last 11 years Envision has grown to work with thousands of young people each year, from four offices around the country, helping them to set up their own social and environmental projects and realise that they can make a difference in the world.

Having facilitated and supported individuals and groups since the start of my career, in 2004 I become a personal and professional coach and trainer, starting the Reality agency and working with individuals and organisations from the private, public and voluntary sectors.

In 2008 Richard and I co-founded izwe, a social enterprise dedicated to helping government better engage with citizens – using technology and culture change.

My passion remains, as it started a decade ago, people: understanding, supporting, challenging, inspiring, developing and channelling their considerable potential.

Nick leads leads the internal facing elements of the business, specialising in empowerment, organisational change and strategy. See our service areas Behaviour ChangeLeadership & Team Development, Organisational ChangeEvent Delivery and Coaching & Mentoring.

Awards and Accolades

In 2008, with Envision, Nick won the Guardian Charity Award.

In 2009, Nick was personally awarded the Shackleton Foundation Leadership Award.

In 2008, Envision was a finalist in the Education category of the National Lottery Awards.

Quotes from my clients

“Nick is equipped with an astounding range of tools and he has been effective in engaging our employees at all levels of the organisation. While Nick’s expertise is impressive, his attitude and approach also are exceptional.”
Andrea Colman, Director, Young Foundation

“Nick has fantastic engagement with all groups of staff he works with & has a great knowledge on his subject area. The feedback we receive from clients in the words of the delegates themselves is “absolutely brilliant”.
Serena Cunningham, Learning Account Manager, Kent County Council