We help people like you achieve better results through engagement and empowerment. Doing, advising & researching.

An alchemical approach: We very deliberately consider and combine all options: online, offline, staff engagement, user involvement and many others, creating new approaches that have the best possible chance of success.

Delivery & Advice: Although we do deliver projects, we also provide advise and undertake research. Indeed we believe one depends on the other to get the best results.

Online & Face-to-Face: We are an unusual organisation in that we can both build online technologies and deliver face-to-face participation.

Internal & External: We are also unusual in that we focus just as must on internal: staff engagement as external: public engagement.

Human Dimension: We always place the unpredictable reality of working with real people at the heart of what we do.

Our Services:


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We are pioneers in the very best engagement processes

Supporting the Danish Government and the UNDP to deliver the public engagement process for the Copenhagen Climate Summit COP-15. Providing both strategic advice and delivering the UK event. Funded by The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

We create ICT solutions that bring people together on their terms and create positive change

Connected London: A 18 month project to support local authorities across London to improve their online social networking & engagement capability. Whilst building community consultation and engagement platforms

Fresh thinking is the basis for any effective policy innovation

Assessing the performance of leading nations in terms of their level of openness and transparency in science and technology policy.

Understanding people's values is key to unlocking their behaviour

Designing and delivering the training component of the Citizens University. Aimed at building a national programme to accelerate the dissemination of essential skills (such as first aid) across the country

Often the leverage point for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary

Employee engagement workshop model to explore the potential of increased staff responsibility to drive internal innovation and job satisfaction

We help you know what you really need to know

Open Government Indicators were produced as part of the OECD Focus on Citizens: Public Engagement for Better Policy and Services programme. We also delivered the International Workshop on "Building Citizen Centred Policies and Services" in Ljubljana as part of this work.

When people meet special things happen

Lead facilitator and chair of the Malmo Ministerial E-Government Conference 'Teaming up for E-Union'. With over 1,500 delegates, as part of Swedish Presidency.

Catalysing an ongoing process of renewal, owned and driven by those it affects

Running events as part of the Royal Society of the Arts change process under the leadership of Matthew Taylor.

We help you work out what your goals are and help you to acheive them

Organisational Development: On-going coaching and mentoring of staff, including away days and individual support