Our Offer

Values science and mapping – we are seeing a growing interest in a field which has so far, been hugely under-utilised in understanding and fostering organisational and societal change. Using values theory for the last decade to support activities and build organisations and interventions; our team can support mapping exercises to understand why your people act as they do.

Integral theory – going beyond values groupings, to a fully integral model able to simply describe any activity or intervention with its key components. Highly controversial because of its far-reaching nature, our team uses it as a framework for much of our work and can support you to do likewise.

Training and mentoring – like all theories, values and integral theories are only as effective as the ability to support change. Our team supports individuals and teams interested in this methodology through a journey of applying it on a day to day basis, in the design of behaviour change interventions, cultural awareness and organisational strategy.

Some of our Funders

  • Envision
  • The Challenge – National Citizenship Service

For example:

Assessing the performance of leading nations in terms of their level of openness and transparency in science and technology policy.